Progress not showing

My Progress is not showing its still saying have completed only two challenge and have done more than 30

It sounds like you may have accidentally created a new account and you are logged into that one.

I just started and I only have one account Screenshot%20(844)

If you look at your user profile, does it show the challenges you have completed?

I don’t know were to check it, the what i saw under my profile is 3points


This is the only thing i saw, though have not done any project, but have been following it, am now on CSS but i have only those two thicks

If i hover around the other challenges, it showing me not passed, meanwhile i passed 80% of the challenges, but only those two in the screen shot is showing passed

On your Settings page, set My Timeline to Public. That should allow you to see the list of all completed challenges on your profile. If you only see three challenges, then you were not signed into this account when you did the other challenges.

It shows me only two challenge, but am signed in, am even still completing more challenges right now and its not showing

When you complete the challenge, do you press “Run tests” and after that “Submit and go to next challenge”?

Yes… I do run test and submit before going to the next