Project Chart the Stock Market

Can you tell me what api (possibly free) to use to have the data of the stocks?
Thank you in advance

Can I create random data?

I haven’t done this project yet, but a quick Google turns up a fair bit, presumably there is something suitable out there:

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I don’t think soo… but i finish this project today and use the yahho api. Its a litle trike because dont have a super hyper documentation but works ! My git if you want some help

hi, where can I find the documentation? I googled and I can’t seem to find it. I found this though:

But the Yahoo Finance webservice API seems not working?

For my project at this link I used the yahoo-finance node module that helped me retrieve the data for the stocks
This is the source code of my app on ghithub

Thanks for that npm link. Was looking for something easy to use