Project Euler submission problem

I am unable to do programming in python for project Euler. Plz help me out i will be very glad if I find the solution.

do you mean in the Interview Prep Section? The freeCodeCamp eidtor suppors only JavaScript. You can still solve the project euler algorithms on your own, but you can’t use the freeCodeCamp editor to test them


So my credit will be not scored ? Then what is the benefits of this project ?

All of the freeCodeCamp challenges in the Coding Interview Prep section are in JavaScript. If you want to practice doing these exercises in JavaScript, then you can submit your solutions here on freeCodeCamp. If you only want to use Python, then you need to submit your answers on

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the Interview Prep section is there for practice, there is no certification at the end. The benefit is practicing.
If you want to practice Python you can try to solve those algorithms on your own, on an other editor, or you can go to a different site like

Also, none of the challenges are mandatory. only the final projects for each certificate, everything else you do only because you want to learn more.

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