Porting Project Euler to freeCodeCamp

Project Euler is a series of coding challenges that have been popular for many years. I completed many of them when I was first learning to code.

These challenges are creative-commons licensed, and as long as we attribute them, we can repurpose them.

I propose we create them in a separate category called Project Euler Problems, but give them tests to guide campers toward the correct solution (like we do with our existing algorithm challenges).

There are 575 challenges, so this will be a lot of work. But we can start small and try to knock out the first 10.

I’ve created a branch and here’s the seed file the challenges will live in.

Who’s with me?


I’m in however i can help. reminds of me of hack reactor prep and building that ‘muscle-memory’ aspect

Yes - a lot of organizations use these. Hacker Rank also uses them

would these just be incorporated into the js challenges? or some sub-section of them?

I’m thinking it’d be great as sort of a bonus challenge section that is HIGHLY recommended for those that haven’t already repetitively done similar challenges to reinforce concepts, constructs, etc.

edit: i see these would be take-home type assignments

I’ll answer like a sir. “Fuck yeah”.

Holy cow, this is awesome. I’m not quite sure what to do with it but would like to help. I hope someone else picks up this mantle you’ve carefully put together!

Thanks for your patience with my slow response.

First of all, wow - excellent work! This is a solid foundation we can all work off of.

I’ve merged your pull request, and am merging this directly into freeCodeCamp’s staging branch as well.

I solved a couple of these and they work great. Bravo for such a successful scraping job. You got all the data precisely where it needed to be in the JSON seed file.

OK - I have a team of two campers who are focused on expanding our algorithms challenges and I will ask if they can go through and QA those challenges and fill in the missing elements. Thanks again!

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I would love to help. Not sure if I have the skills but would like to try.

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Once these are deployed, you will be able to work through them. You can help by finding problems with them, or aspects of them that aren’t sufficiently clear. Then we can update the instructions and add tests accordingly.

Quick question: in what language do I have to write the code for the problems in Project Euler? Is it JavaScript?

Source: https://projecteuler.chat/viewtopic.php?t=2042

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Here in FCC should be JavaScript

@ppiamach ; if you want to do project Euler in their original platform you can use any language you want

We’re working on making Python an option as well.

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