Project Feedback for Tribute Page

Hi all,

I have completed the tribute page project. I am posting the link below. I request anyone to take a look and give me feedback for the same. Thanks

Codepen link -

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Nice and simple design, although the size-shifting content box felt a little bit confusing to me.

Maybe you could add a little bit more space between the text elements. Also consider dividing the main text to at least two paragraphs. Now it looks ok on bigger screen, but on mobile it looks like too much text at one time.

But I like the happy background color and the smooth look of the content box’s borders.

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Hey @finna

Thank you for taking your time to review. Means a lot.

I was trying to design my tribute page as a card layout. That’s why I had the box-sizing property. So I can have control and didn’t want the content to extend outside the card.

Now I have added a line height of 2.

Changed it have 2 paragraph instead of one.

I felt the same. I will start working on a solution right away. Probably reducing the font size might work I guess. I have to tweak it out.

Thanks. I am glad you liked it
I did add a transition effect on hovering the card and a box-shadow so it might look better.

I have made changes to make sure it looks some what good in mobile now. just removed the second paragraph and kept 0px as margin.

I think you can do better, Keep Going!!!

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@adi188288 I think the transform: scale is unnecessary on the whole card. It might look nice only on the image in the middle.

Thanks @brandon_wallace for your review. Will update the code ASAP.

hello. i just got to my first project, the tribute page and i am absolutely confused, feels like i have not learnt anything, i have just been passing challenges,please how do i go about this?

Hello @BezB, This is completely normal. Refer the material again and compare it with the requirement necessary to clear this project. Check other tribute project from codepen if necessary if you think it will help you understand how to complete this challenge.

It looks good, but maybe consider adding a line break between the two paragraphs for a better mobile experience, Fast, easy and reliable lol

Thank you for the suggestion @EliteCobra. Will look into it soon.