Project feedback, not from FCC curriculum, where can I post?


I am wondering where can I post a subject regarding my first project and possibly first freelance gig? I need opinions for website design and also to see If I missed something, like if there is a bug or similar.

This is not a FCC project and I don’t know If this thing is allowed here, so I wanted to check.

Hi! There is a “Project Feedback” section on the forum.
Hope it helps)

I’ve tried but unfortunately it does not allow me to have links in post.
How much time do I need to spend to be able to post a topic with links?

To write links like this link use the format:


it is as a spam preventing measure that you can’t post links as a new user.

You can for example do the discobot tutorial (you have a private message from the bot), or help others.

You can also put it as Preformatted text, in that way it will be allowed. (you need to use backticks or the </> button in the text editor)

My profile just got upgraded to new level so now I can post links in topics.

Anyway thank you very much. :slight_smile: