Hi folks, please help

how to post my project please ?
I can’t make a post with link.


When you post, click on that button:

Then paste the link here:

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Also, when you post, try to make the title somewhat meaningful. It is much easier to scan a list of conversations, and see at a glance what they are about.

Possible topics for this type of post?

  • “New poster, how do I add a link to my post?”
  • “Help for a new member, posting a link?”

Also, there is a bot, discobot, that can help with a LOT of your new user questions. Not only will it walk you through the basics of using the message boards, but you can get your first certificate simply by completing his walkthrough! Yaaay!

Try typing something like @discobot display help in a message, or in a post.

thanks it was because my lvl was 0 .
Now i can post links thank you