Why won't FCC allow me to add links to my posts? I am new here

I am new here. How many times do I have to post here in order to add links?

click on your image at the top right, click on discobot and follow it’s instructions until you get the certificate.

A few, not sure of the exact number a work around is to add spaces like this
real link:


with spaces

codepen . io / chriscline1138 / pen/LqEZMB
just specify that you added the spaces

Which image? This image ?imageicon

Yep Discobot should have sent you a message

Brand new users cannot share links. This policy was added because we were getting overwhelmed by spammers.

How long will it take me before I am able to share links

You need to get the Basic Badge, which you will get just using the forum for a short bit

The usual workaround is just leave off the http:// from your link and add extra spaces in the link so it doesn’t show up as a link in the post preview. As said before, after a few posts you won’t need to do this. Meantime, why not say hi in the greeting thread in the General section?