Why I can't add a link to my question

Hi! I’m new here in the forum. I got an error while trying to add a link to the W3C website as a reference, and the HTML checker of W3C.
Although there is a link button at the top of my topic creation editor, I still can’t add the link. I get an error saying:
An error occurred: Sorry you cannot post a link to that host.

So, is there a certain restriction about sharing links?

Yes, we do have restrictions in place for new accounts. However, unless the domain is explicitly blacklisted, the only restriction is new accounts may have a maximum of 2 links per post.

Are you able to add the link without using the :link: button?

I’ve tried adding the link without the button. This didn’t work either.
I only tried to add two links. I’ve also tried to add one of them with no luck.
I don’t have any idea why you would want to restrict W3C website, so I think it’s highly unlikely.

Put the links in a code block as a workaround for now.

Now I can’t edit the post. Is there a restriction on editing after a certain time?
I’ll put the links in a reply instead.

I was able to add the links in code blocks in the reply.
Thanks for your help.
But, why I can’t edit the original topic post?

It’s because it’s one of your first posts, the system automatically blocks certain things (links for example, or retroactively editing a first post) as an anti-spam measure. I realise it’s annoying – it’s a blunt instrument – but it’s there to stop spammers opening accounts and posting garbage. Unfortunately it does occasionally catch perfectly valid posts like yours.

Thank you very much for your help.
I was able to add the links in a reply already.
I understand that protection is much more important that convenience sometimes.
No complains.
I like the whole experience here in the forum.

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Thank you for understanding, and apologies for the inconvenience. Once you’ve posted a few times, you won’t have the issue, it’s specifically new posts – the thing it’s catching is when a spammer/bot creates an account and either posts spam straightaway, or posts something that looks valid then goes in and edits spam links in.