Project feedback on my tribute page, and also why my img isnt responsive. Thanks ;)

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When a test is failing, open up the test suite and read the full error message.
For this test here is the error message:
Use the “display” style property with a value of “block” for responsive images.: expected ‘inline’ to equal ‘block’

When I look at your css, I don’t see that style property in your code.
Once you fix that, the error message will change.
Open up the test suite and read the full error message.
You will probably have to google how to complete that last step, but that is part of being a developer.
Once you fix that, then the test will pass.

A few other things I noticed.

Alt attributes are important and shouldn’t be left empty

  <img src="" alt="" id='image'>

Your link text here is not that accesibile. Also your href value shouldn’t be empty.

<a href="" target='_blank' id='tribute-link'>Additional

You should review this lesson on giving links meaningful names.

Another thing would be to use the html and css formatting tools in codepen.

You want to get in the habit early on when it comes to formatting your code.

Lastly, I would avoid class names like this.


I am not sure what those classes are supposed to be because they aren’t really descriptive.

It is important to remember that other developers will be reading your code, so you want to choose descriptive names that everyone can understand.

Instead of using q I would suggest writing quote and instead of qa I would suggest writing out author-quote

Hope that helps!

I appreciate your feedback .

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