Project feedback - random quote generator

Hello all,

Finally finished my quote generator to a level that I’m pretty happy with. I’d appreciate a fresh pair of eyes on it though and some feedback, so feel free to play with it and find things that don’t work quite right etc etc


Thanks all :slight_smile:

Hey. Seems functional, good work. I usually avoid using custom fonts for longer texts than titles. On smaller resolutions your “quote box” is kinda hard to read because of that.

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The Tweet button works, the next button works, and it’s responsive! Great job! The only thing I would tweak are the margins or the text-size on smaller screens. As it stands, the quote has one or two words on each line, which can be kind of annoying.

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Thanks a lot for your feedback @noyb and @drregg6, had an unexpected week off the coding so not had chance to implement your suggestions yet, but I will do shortly! :slight_smile: