Project feedback request - tribute page

Hi there.

Please have a look at my Tribute Page at

I shall appreciate any honest and constructive feedback for improvement and learning.

Thank you.


Hey, the image at the top does not align itself at the center of the page, when the pen is viewed in full page mode. Is it supposed to be like that ??:confused:


Thank you for your response. Please clarify.

I checked the pen and the image centre aligns and is responsive. Did I miss something?

Hi :grinning:
I mean that if the pen is changed to ‘full page’ view in the codepen, the right margin of the image is wider than the left margin. Is it supposed to be like that ? Apart from this, I love the way you have used videos in this project.

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Thank you very, very much for your response. I missed the right margin, not having viewed it in very large desktop sizes. I shall address it asap.

Thank you again.

Hi corneerasmus,

I think you will need to use class=“row” for the whole page and then do column on the last of each division so your page will be in the same width and much better apperience.

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Hi khaisen

Thank you for your input and advice.

I set the main container max-width to 1024px. Still getting acquainted with Flexbox - this was the easiest solution to the problem while still meeting the test criteria.