Project Feedback - Survey Form

Here is my survey form page. Any tips or comments would be greatly appreciated!

It looks nice, good job!:+1::+1:

Which option best describes your current role?
for this question all options are set to "student", also add selected attribute to this

<option disabled>Select an option</option>
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Thank you!
I’ve tried to make like a exact reflection of the original project that’s why i didn’t add the attribute :slight_smile:

Here is original FCC project:

okay got it :grinning:
One more thing you can work on is on the alignment of your layout for small viewports.

A horizontal scroll adds when viewport width is below 412px.

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Good point! Thanks!

Could you just tell me whats the typical minimal viewport value that every developer should respect? Is it somewhere around 360px or lower?

For smartphone layout, I usually make sure my design remains responsive till 350px width atleast. I do not know of any particular standard.
This link would be helpful in explaining better: link

popular screen resolutions: link

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