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Hi, Me again! :smile:

I would like to get your feedback on my technical documentation page to help me improve my skills.

Thank you :sparkles:

It looks good and is responsive. Did you learn some stuff from the topic you chose? Async JS is a good challenge.
I checked your HTML and i think you should pay some attention to the different elements semantics and when/where to utilize them. For example you used header as a heading. Header is a container element, to contain items which are situated on top of your page, or on top of another element of greater importance, such can be section, where you can have different “sub” sections etc. Header is similar like footer. I would definitely have a header, to contain my nav and put it above the main element, just like you have your footer under your main. For a heading, use h1/h2/h3 etc. While header, heading and title might sound very similar as meaning, they have very distinguishable meanings when it comes to their purpose in html. For the links in your nav bar, you can also use a list and each link to be inside a list item. This can make it harder to style and apply the proper functionality, but its better to get used to such good practices from early on.

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Thanks @Sylvant for taking the time to review my pen, I will keep these things in mind and use them on future projects.

Thank you…

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