Tech Doc Feedback Pease


I Just finished my Tech Doc Project. Could you give me feedback please?

Thanks in advance

Hi @andrescaroc, your page looks good. A couple of things to revisit;

  • make your page responsive
  • A <header> element typically contains:
    • one or more heading elements (<h1> - <h6>)
    • or logo or icon
    • or authorship information
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Hi @Roma,

It’s a pleasure get your feedback. I always thing “ok, I’m done with this challenge. I’m ready for the job”, but then I read your feedback and think “Ok, I’m not ready. The industry expects more from me than I am performing” but actually I like it your feedbacks! I think you are making me a better developer.

Actually, it is responsive:

What I think is the media Query breakpoint, was not calculated properly, it is placed at 400px:

@media screen and (max-width: 400px)

How do you select the breakpoint in px to adjust to a phone screen?

Ok, I understand that, and I think is well structured that way for a common web site. As I understand, in the <header> tag you put logo and navbar at least, maybe a searchbox and social icons too.

I used <header> because the challenge was specific to evaluate the existence of <header> tag in every title of each section. Without that restriction I would use a <h2> for the title of each section.

I’ll add the logo and authorship info to the nav bar.

No, no need to add logo and authorship to the navbar. That list should have had the word ‘or’ in there a couple of times. I’ll edit that post.
I was pointing out things that were expected within the header tag. You can keep the text in the header tag, but maybe surround it with and h2 or h3 element. Something like;

Try changing your media query to;
@media all and (max-width: 769px)
(notice all, not screen and a different size too)

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Oh, ok, i get it now.
Every <header> tag has an element inside it.

Now is at 769px

Do you know how to solve this error I get from codepen?


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I ignore that. I’m not sure what validator codepen uses or why that message has just started showing up. That’s the reason I said to run your HTML code through this validator.

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