Project progress isn't saving

I have been working not the responsive web design course and currently enjoying the beginning of my coding journey BUT it seems that me project progress isn’t saving. I have no completed Colored Markers and Registration Form project twice and once again my progress for the Registration Form hasn’t saved and have to start again. Not sure if this is a common problem but wanted to know what I could be doing wrong.

Many thanks!

Silly question, but are you logged in to the same account with the same email address?

Thanks for the response! Seems to be working now!

I was indeed logged in with the same credentials and I use the same login method each time (login code sent to email).

I hadn’t closed the web browser in a few days (as I just open and close the laptop as and when I need) so thought to exit the browser. Noticed there was an OS update. Following a restart I logged back in and seems to be okay now.

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