Project: Survey Form- please review!

Thank you so much! Please link your projects so I can review them too.


Good job! Nice usage of box shadows. I would,

increase your title.
give spaces between * and labels.
increase the size of your input boxes Give some paddings and font-sizes.
change cursor when mouse hovers on submit button.

Thanks for the feedback! Made some more refinements and learned more about alignments while at it. Good stuff!

I like the box shadows too. I find the color choices a little distracting. But that is more a style choice than anything. The whole survey moves when cursor hovers over submit button. Is that your intent?

Thanks for your response. I did also feel the colors can be a little bright for a survey form. I was experimenting with complementary colors and I guess they don’t just apply to any subject matter.
As for the button hover, unfortunately adding a 3px button border expands the form outward but just fixed that with 2px.