Survey Form feeback!

Just completed Survey Form, also mobile responsive.

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Looks pretty good overall!

I would make it so that when mouse hovers on submit button, it will change its cursor and change its color.

Cheers :+1:

Thanks for the feedback.

I agree with @shimphillip adding some functionality when you hover over the button would be good.
But all in all looks great!

This is very nice. I cannot see anything major that I would change.

Nice use of flexbox, keep that skill.

Things that should be improved in the future(Check all that apply)

There should be a space after future

If you want, try adding box-shadow: 2px 2px 5px black; to your #main.

Also, add a margin below your main (4 - 5%) so there is some space between the survey and the bottom of the screen so it is not as cramped.

Here is what it looks like with a 5% margin:

10% margin:


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Thanks, that’s was a great suggestion.

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