FCC - Survey Form Feeback

Hi All,

Been off work today so managed to get a full day of coding and learning done and have completed my ‘surevey form’ I would welcome any feedback - positive or negative

This looks pretty good! I would

change mouse cursor and button color when mouse hovers on submit button.
Make your survey form extend to full width on mobile views.


You need to move up the breakpoint for the media query and/or not set a fixed width on the inputs, you can use relative units and max-width. Right now the inputs are overflowing the form.

The form looks OK but it’s just a bit bland. Maybe see if you can give it a bit of a “look” that fits the theme?

Here is an example of just adding a background image and giving the form a color with some transparency, a small box-shadow and a hover on the button. I’m not saying it looks great or anything but it only took like 3 minutes to do and in my opinion, looks a lot less bland.

Why are u styling header tag even thought u dont have one :?

Hi lasjorg,

Thank you so much for taking the time to look at my Survey page and the example of the amendments you made.

It does make a massive difference having a background image and adding some colour; as do the little changes like adding a box-shadow.

I am still getting to grips with the media queries, and your tips on that are gratefully received.


HI Justas

Thank you for the reply. I originally had a header element in my HTML with the CSS styling. I subsequently removed the header element, but did not remove the respective CSS - which I have now done. Thank you for picking that up.


I noticed you were using the editor for css but still included some inline styles for the unordered list elements in the html. I think it would be a good idea to stick to using one approach and be consistent with it, so as a suggestion, maybe you could take out the inline styles and move them into the css panel. Also, I believe it might be a good habit of first typing up the html boilerplate code, which includes the head element and the !DOCTYPE html declaration, even if you may not need them for the project.

Wow… It’s a very nice piece… Keep it up dear