Projects Question: No <!DOCTYPE html> in Projects?

yes, you can use that link to import the testsuite anywhere you want

you need to put a script tag, and have that link as its src attribute, <script src="that-link"></script>

Yes, I forked the pen from the FCC project page and made an account. I am watching a video on how to use Codepen now, so maybe that will answer some of my questions. Thanks for your reply.

So you are saying I could just open up a new edit page in Atom, paste this this

<script src=''></script>

at the top, and I would be good to go? I appreciate your help. My conversations with you must feel like you are trying to get a monkey to push the square into a cut-out puzzle but I am a dumb monkey.

atom itself is an editor, if you set it up to have a live preview, or now and then open the html file to see in the browser, you would be able to see your page and test it

note that you will still need an online version to submit