PSD to HTMl without js

I know html ,css and bootstrap.My next step is learning js.Can I do psd to html responsive without using js?

Nobody is there to help me.

vanilla css and also the bootstrap library can be used to make anything responsive

you need javascript when you want things to be interactive

So,without JS I can’t make this happen ?

you can recreate any page with css

you can make static websites

you need javascript if you want to do interactive websites

I am talking about psd to html5 responsive web template.

please, if you don’t understand the answer, ask clarifications

as I already said you need JavaScript once you want to do interactive websites, for static websites you can keep using css, and also bootstrap if that’s what you want

  1. Obviously you can. If you or someone else has drawn a picture of a website (a PSD), you can generally write styling for website/webapp that looks like it using CSS applied to an HTML structure. There is no reason that CSS can’t be designed to respond to changes in screen size.
  2. This is a forum, not a chatroom, and [dependent on timezone] the new year is being celebrated across large swathes of the world; please stop and think before you immediately start complaining that you can’t get help. Just please, have a little consideration.

Hello @somen18!

Okay, to convert PSD to HTML without js, I cannot say as I have never use this process before. However, on the matter of responsive design, my educated guess is to be very likely no.

I say that because if there is, obviously I am not aware of this. But, I will tell you what I do know about converting PSD to HTML (you may not like to hear this answer).

I know that back then it was popular to convert PSD to HTML, in fact, it was almost a normal workflow (that is what I have heard).

However, nowadays, things have changed and it is rarely used. The reason being is because it is down to responsive design. Photoshop is a pixel-based graphics editor, therefore it cannot produce fluid design layouts.

That does not mean you cannot still use PS to create web mockups, though.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

I am not sure if I understand the question, but are you talking something about like:

or like this: :thinking: again I just might completly missunderstand…