Push with my profile image and name?

Hey Campers!

I have a question on the profile appearance of GitHub, when syncing(pushing) from the Visual Studio Code.
When I push the commit from VS Code, then the shows as below screenshot. It says my name as “Name and Name”, and doesn’t include my profile image.
I saw most GitHub commit logs show their GitHub profile image and name with proper link to profile page…
If you know how can I push with my GitHub profile, please share your knowledge!

Thanks and have a good day!

I’m not entirely sure, but maybe it’s because your GitHub email and the email in your local git config don’t match?

EDIT. This seems to be the case. I made a repo set with a dummy email in the local config. My avatar doesn’t show up:

I’m still not sure why your name appears twice though.


Thanks a lot! Your solution is correct.
My email was not set in my local config.(Actually I didn’t know I have to.)

This Help page of GitHub helped me to set the email config.

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