pushFIT HIIT workout app using React

It would be great to get any feedback on a project I made a little while back, probably what I am most proud of so far.
I designed the app using Adobe XD, then created it using React.

It’s a HIIT fitness app that you can use to workout from home. There are a few features I am looking to add to it which will require a back end, so while I work on this there are some dummy buttons etc.

Link to project: https://lewisharris.github.io/pushFIT/#/

Any feedback would be really appreciated.


Very very nice job. Great modern looking UI!

Btw, are you using firebase? I suggest you use that so you don’t have to work with serverside code at all!

Hi Lewis,

awesome work!

My ideas:

  • on my Firefox, the duration input on the exercise screen only shows the first number, e.g. 3 for 30. That’s probably my fault, because I made some customizations. But I would still test it. On Chrome, it works.

this looks really nice! Great job.