Pygame in PyCharm CE (import problem)

Hello. I’m new to python. I’ve followed various tutorials on YouTube but sometimes I hit a wall.

Sometimes I can’t import in to my pycharm.

I’ve recently tried importing pygame. I installed pygame in the terminal with pip3. The version I am using in pycharm is python 3.9.1 Pygame version is 2.0.1.

When I type import and pygame, a list comes up but pygame logo is a folder. I’ve included a photo below.

My laptop is a MacBook Air M1 Big Sur 11.2.1

Thank you.

@Grog85 Others have had problems with Pycharm. The problem is with the path. Check the paths and the locations of the files you are trying to import. Try to run your program without using Pycharm to see if everything is okay.

Thanks for your response. I have tried several methods but nothing worked. I wonder if it’s more an issue with PyCharm as I downloaded vscode and pygame now works. Though I don’t want to blame PyCharm entirely as more significantly I am a novice.