Python Buddy for a pygame game

I recently finished my online course on python (a really basic and short one) and I´d now like to programm a PyGame Game together with someone to keep me motivated . I already did a basic game and I could poste that code if you want. We could communicate over discord or something like that.

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first off, welcome to the community @jaspermuller580, if I may ask what course did you complete, and also what game did you make?

I did this course (it`s in german), watchted and did quite a lot of YT Tutorials and I read 200 Sites of this book(also in german :frowning: )Python 3. Das umfassende Handbuch | Rheinwerk Verlag. I started around 4 weeks ago. I could send you the code, but I´m using internal images so that wouldnt work.

This is also in german and written extremly inefficent(you could probably write it in 200 lines without making it confusing), but you can at least look at the code like this, altough it doesnt run due to the images and sounds

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