Python code help

Hello! Ineed some help with code. So I needed to print out one film list and my python shell looks like this.
1 [‘Fringe’, ‘Series, Sci-Fi, Drama’, 10, ‘100 episodes’]
2 [‘Game of Thrones’, ‘Series, Discount LotR’, 3, ‘73 episodes’]
3 [‘Stargate SG-1’, ‘Series, Adventure, Sci-Fi’, 10, ‘214 episodes’]
4 [‘Chernobyl’, ‘Series, Historical Drama, Tragedy’, 10, ‘5 episodes’]
5 [‘Vaprad ja Ilusad’, ‘Ma ei tea’, 1, ‘8000 episodes’]
6 [‘Stargate Atlantis’, ‘Series, Adventure, Sci-Fi’, 8, ‘100 episodes’]
7 [‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’, ‘Series, Adventure, Sci-Fi’, 9, ‘178 episodes’]
8 [‘Stargate Universe’, ‘Series, Adventure, Sci-Fi’, 9, ‘40 episodes’]
9 [‘Die Hard with a Vengeance’, ‘Action, Thriller, Comedy’, 10, ‘2h 11min’]
10 [‘Terminal’, ‘Drama, Comedy’, 10, ‘2h 8min’]
11 [‘Predestination’, ‘Sci-Fi, Mystery, Thriller’, 9, ‘1h 37min’]
12 [‘Glass’, ‘Superhero, Thriller, Drama’, 9, ‘2h 9min’]
13 [‘I, Robot’, ‘Sci-Fi, Action, Adventure’, 9, ‘1h 55min’]
14 [‘Alien’, ‘Horror, Sci-Fi’, 2, ‘1h 57min’]
15 [“Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”, ‘Fantasy, adventure’, 10, ‘2h 39min’]
16 [‘Forrest Gump’, ‘Drama, Adventure, Romance’, 10, ‘2h 26min’]
17 [‘The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers’, ‘Fantasy, Adventure’, 10, ‘3h 55min’]

I need to choose one film number and my code must say: Choose the film number:
Playing: (Here needs to be this film name, that number I just wrote to shell)
and then: “The film is over”

Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:!

What’s the problem? You didn’t ask a question :stuck_out_tongue:.

I wanted to know, how to write this code

In that case, start by learning more:

  1. How do you read user input from a console application on python?
  2. Learn about conditional structures: if…else, at least.
  3. How to print information on the screen.

That should be enough to write the program :slight_smile:.

I only want to know, how this code looks like or what structure I need to use, if I want to choose number between 1-17 and a movie with that number must pop up, for example I choose 4 and a movie: Chernobyl’, ‘Series, Historical Drama, Tragedy’, 10, ‘5 episodes pops up

We can help you, but you need to start somewhere. We won’t do this for you.

What is your code so far? What parts are confusing to you?

My question is overall that how can I make a code that is able to read numbers 1-17 and is able to identify ( like in my example) which movie name it matches and it prints it

What have you tried? Have you used Python before?