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I have been working through the Python for Everybody book on the free code camp site. I turned in my first project today and went to start the second and now the course is in the legacy section and the projects are not listed? Is there no longer a certificate offed for this course? If so, that is disappointing as this is my first course in Python


There is now an interactive Python curriculum instead of the old video based curriculum


You can continue the video course that you started if you like. It will continue to be available for quite a while, just in a different section of the curriculum. We’re pretty excited about the new Python material though, so consider checking it out.

The “Python for Everybody” section of the original Scientific Computing course is now at the bottom of the curriculum in the Legacy section and replaced with an interactive course.

However, the projects are still in the middle of the new course:

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I had just started it too. I’m guessing the new course is a lot better than the previous? Are both useful? The earlier one dated? Is it for beginners?

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Old course is based on watching videos and the new course is more interactive.

I don’t think much has changed in the basics of Python, but some of the content in the video course might be a bit dated, yes.

I did the old course and it’s great but you are probably better off switching to the new material if you just started.


The certificate itself didn’t change. The 5 five projects required to earn the certification are the same - and still in the scientific computing with python section. The practice projects in that section are new - and the python for everybody was moved to its own area. You can complete whatever practice projects you want (I recommend both the new and python for everybody), but to get the certification, you need to do the same 5 cert projects.


Thanks guy! Appreciate the responses. I think I will try to do both simultaneously as I see both benefiting me.

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We are waiting for it to be complete…
Currently, It is in beta version…

So that means, I am still able to get cert for Python for everybody once I get done with the 5 relevant projects

I just started it this course as well, and stopped for some time but not a long time,
Once I was returning back, I found it marked as Legacy course, I hope there is more improvement in the new version…

Thanks freeCodeCamp team and students, Happy new year of 2024!