Started couple days ago and am confused

So i started with the “Python for everybody” course a couple of days ago, i completed it today but it didnt really teach me that well because everything was explained just in a brief moment and there were no real tasks for me to do. The tasks that I had to solve by myself were way to hard. I dont know how to proceed learning.

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This is the help forum for Free Code Camp that has its own Python section.

I have never done Python for Everybody (and really haven’t done that much Python), but just in general, being confused is normal. Sometimes it takes a few passes for everything to sink in.

I might suggest looking at the FCC Python section (which is free of course) and/or maybe seek out some other materials. And if you have a specific question, you can always ask the forum. But “specific” is the key - those questions get better answers, both in quantity and quality.

I’ve looked into the first few videos of “Python for Everybody” out of interest, and was a bit surprised that they’re totally different from the other fCC sections. You basically watch an ~8 minutes video for each “challenge” and then you “solve” the challenge by answering one multiple-choice question.

The videos are aimed at people who have never written a line of code. And apparently they’re never encouraged or challenged to write any, for the whole course. I think the explanations are good, but they remain in the spheres of theory.

I had hoped to get an insight into Python (I already know JavaScript), but I honestly can’t be bothered to watch 56 videos with a length of 8 minutes each, to pick up concepts that I could learn much quicker through reading documentation.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to bitch about the course, I think I’m just not part of the targeted audience. It’s a good introduction to programming in general. but it lacks the connection to “get your hands on the keyboard”.


Would you recommend me to go through every course on freeCodeCamp? I am only interested in python so I dont know if that would make sense. By the way, i went into the course with good basic knowledge which is why I maybe rushed everything a little.

The python curriculum is less than a year old and still under development.

So that is probably why the format looks very different from the javascript sections.

But the current python section aren’t going to remain for the long.

The real goal is to build out a complete data science curriculum.

They still have a few weeks to hit their fundraising goal but within a couple of years the current curriculum will be replaced with an all project based curriculum.

I’m assuming you’ve a hard time writing the end 3 chapters code. Don’t worry you don’t need to remember every line of code.Learn what python can do and how to do that. Once the concept is set you will easily follow with the code. Google comes in handy then :stuck_out_tongue:

I am not a very fast learner. I started Python for everybody a few weeks ago, and I am hooked.
fantastic course. If you take the effort to go to the python site and the homesite for the course, , there is a lot more! Dr. Chuck Severance is teaching this course not just with 8 minute videos.
Thanks to this site I installed the program Python3 and
I am coding!! quite though assignments at first.
I got stuck in JS but now I already have a better understanding of JS and that thanks to Python, Dr. Chuck and ofcourse FCC who put this course here for me to find.
btw I started beginning of august and I am now at chapter 8. doing about 4-6 hours a day

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