Python mean, std dev value error problem

import numpy as np
from numpy.core.fromnumeric import var

def calculate(list):
  #Make the list into an NumPy Array
    list = np.array(list)

  #Reshape the Array into a 3D Array
    new_ar = list.reshape(3,3)

  #Get the mean
    mean_column = np.mean(new_ar, axis = 0).tolist()
    mean_row = np.mean(new_ar, axis =1).tolist()
    flat = np.mean(list)

  #Get the variance
    variance_column = np.var(new_ar, axis=0).tolist()
    variance_row = np.var(new_ar, axis=1).tolist()
    flat_var = np.var(list)

  #Get the Standard Deviation
    std_dev_col= np.std(new_ar, axis = 0).tolist()
    std_dev_row= np.std(new_ar, axis = 1).tolist()
    std_flat = np.std(list)

  #Get Maximum , Minumum and Sum
    max_col = np.max(new_ar, axis=0).tolist()
    max_row = np.max(new_ar,axis = 1).tolist()
    max_flat = np.max(list)

    min_col = np.min(new_ar, axis=0).tolist()
    min_row = np.min(new_ar,axis = 1).tolist()
    min_flat = np.min(list)

    sum_col = np.sum(new_ar, axis=0).tolist()
    sum_row = np.sum(new_ar,axis = 1).tolist()
    sum_flat = np.sum(list)

  # Create a Dictionary and Join it all together
    answer = dict()
    answer['mean'] = [mean_column, mean_row, flat]
    answer['variance'] = [variance_column, variance_row, flat_var]
    answer['standard deviation'] = [std_dev_col, std_dev_row, std_flat]
    answer['max'] = [max_col, max_row, max_flat]
    answer['min'] = [min_col, min_row, min_flat]
    answer['sum'] = [sum_col, sum_row, sum_flat]

    return answer
  except ValueError:
     print("List must contain nine numbers.")

Here’s the Error

I don’t know what to is the expected output on the ValueError part

To raise exception with a specific text, the text needs to be used to instantiate exception.

For example:

raise ZeroDivisionError('Cannot divide by zero')

As a side note, wrapping whole code with the try/except syntax can make it a hard to find exceptions raised by other parts of code. If some other line is causing the ValueError, it would be handled the same way, as if it’d be case of not having nine numbers in list.

It’s best to wrap with try/except the possible minimum, where such exception is expected and intended to be handled.


Thank you! I did now know how to do that.

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