Python ML course with Jupyter Notebooks

During today’s May 2020 Summit [0] we learned, that it is planned to use Google Collaborate [1] as a stop-gap solution until Python Notebooks can be included into freeCodeCamp itself.

As I neither have a Google account (any more) nor want to create one, I would like to know, whether there will be an option to host those notebooks elsewhere.
For example, GitHub can render them [2] but with no interactivity (for now). They could be cloned and run locally (would be fine for me).

Question: Is it possible to take those upcoming courses without a Google account?

[0] https: /
[1] https: /
[2] https: /

Caveat: I didn’t catch the entire Summit.

I think this is a fair question. I try to stay signed out of my Google products as much as I can.

For projects with a GitHub repo, Binder is an option, and CoCalc is pretty good and targets educators.

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