Qoute machine, how to get started

It seems that I need a lot more information in order to be able to actually do something like this quote machines. Any suggestions on where to start?

first of all where do I get these qoutes?




You can even hardcode the quotes on an array, create your own API, it’s up to you!

Like @Oxyrus said, it does not really matter where you get the quotes from. I used http://forismatic.com/en/ but then again, whichever you like better. I think using an API instead of hardcoding quotes may be better just because objective of a challenge is not to complete it as fast as possible, but learn as much as possible.

So just break down the problem into small chunks and work at it one at a time:

  1. Choose API to grab the quotes from.
  2. Read up how to interact with API and make a request to serve that quote
  3. Once you get the quote back (your request works) figure out a way to display it in some half-way decent way on the page.
  4. Work on Tweet button.

If I were to do this challenge again, firstly I would just build out a skeleton webpage, with

to show the quote and with one to make request to the API and work from there.

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Was not able to read JSON from here: https://gist.githubusercontent.com/dmakk767/9375ff01aff76f1788aead1df9a66338/raw/491f8c2e91b7d3b8f1c8230e32d9c9bc1a1adfa6/Quotes.json%20

then i decided to copy paste the code from fcc tutorial and even that does not work so now I have no idea what the problem is???

I tried changing “/json/cats.json” to that link above.


Ok now I also tried this so that in the tutorial “Get JSON with the jQuery getJSON Method” I used this https://gist.githubusercontent.com/dmakk767/9375ff01aff76f1788aead1df9a66338/raw/491f8c2e91b7d3b8f1c8230e32d9c9bc1a1adfa6/Quotes.json%20 as a source for JSON and it didnt work so clearly I’m missing something here.