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the app works as expectet the app.js runs without errors but it won’t pass on freecodecamp. Do i need to right the tests on 2_functional-tests.js or use bongodb, to see the results on freecodecamp?

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solution: boilerplate-project-issuetracker - Replit

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Yes, the functional tests should be passing.

Do you have to use a DB? Maybe not but I can’t guarantee you won’t run into issues.

But it doesn’t really make sense not to practice using MongoDB/Mongoose with these challenges as that is half the point of them (Node/Express is one half, and the DB is the other half).

If they should pass then the only problem is that i don’t use db (probable required).
The challenge didn’t mention anything about db and i didn’t want to add dependencies that might ruin the ffc tests.

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