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Nice to see you all here again, and today i’m in with another problem :tada:

Hello, i’m trying to finish sudoku solver project, for the quality assurance cert. but I can’t pass this two tests, i’ve already rewrote my code one time, but it’s still not working, can’t figure out what the problem is really…

You can POST to /api/check an object containing puzzle, coordinate, and value where the coordinate is the letter A-I indicating the row, followed by a number 1-9 indicating the column, and value is a number from 1-9.
If value submitted to /api/check is already placed in puzzle on that coordinate, the returned value will be an object containing a valid property with true if value is not conflicting.

I’ve compared responses from my project with the responses of example project in network tab of developer console when running automated tests, it’s the same, i can’t figure out what is the problem :man_shrugging: , also it kinda strange, it passes the response from post request test, but not the test for posting itself (idk how is that even possible)

My code so far
Replit Project

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Challenge: Quality Assurance Projects - Sudoku Solver

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Found a problem, i was sending ({valid: "true"}) instead of ({valid: true})

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