Quality Assurance Sudoku Solver Backtracking and solving of puzzle

I am currently trying to solve sudoku solve function in the controllers/suduku-solver.js file of the Quality Assurance Sudoku Solver project. I have googled and read every post on this forum on sudoku project.The following link example is what i am trying to implement in my solver function sudoku backtracking. And here is my current project as it is at the moment My current Sudoku project.

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I finally figured out Sudoku Solver soltion and have passed all test in console of repl it.Yet when i upload my running project to freeCodeCamp quality assurance project sudoku solver solution it says all test are not passing except ‘You should provide your own project, not the example URL’?.How could that be the case if all 26 test pass on repl it console after running my project.Here is my link to my poject with all test passing in repl it console mySudoku project.

Never mind it went through later after i tried again thanks finally finished this project :laughing:

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