Sudoku solver pep talk

Jawohl!!! Yes!!! Katta!!!

I did not have a clue how to make a sudoku solver.

To stop my despair I started with the first test. The string tests did not take too long time to write and complete.

I got a little bit of confidence.

Placement tests took a little bit longer time but my confidence swelled and I started to get an idea of how to use the tests for solving a sudoku.

By now this challenge was more fun than scary and I read about sudoku solving strategies on Wikipedia .

Since I am more practical than theoretical I went for brute force strategy with the fancy name backtracking.

A week working full time my sudoku-solver spat out a correct solution!!!

I got tears in my eyes.

I have no idea if it is enough to pass the challenge but I could not resist to write this.


It is a great feeling when, after failure … after failure … after failure, everything aligns and it starts working. Non-coders will never understand that ebullient feeling.

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The feeling of being lost and then suddenly having a working product is like going from Zero to Hero, I just started the JS portion of the FCC curriculum and I’m thinking it’s going to get hard, but I can’t wait to face the challenge. Thanks @mattiasinokuchi for sharing your experiences and Eureka moments.


Good luck! I could do the JS section again :grinning: