Question about about pyramid project and general thoughts on new JS curriculum

Its been on my todo list to try.

Yeah, but that is what the review projects are.
The review projects are different from the learn projects.

For example, here is one of the intermediate algos

that could be one step right there

then you can add other steps to to build off of that and still have each step have a fair amount of stuff that the camper can do on their own and think critically.

So, we are on the same page.
It is just this a different approach on how we can incorporate this in the new curriculum

That is the great thing about the review projects.
they are not fine grained like the learn projects.

so campers have to think critically and it still fits with the project based approach

So this new project does look like it gives the learner more room to explore and build a function to a goal. And more are coming? That would help I think

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Yes, more projects like this are coming.

So I just added a PR for the second one

and the goal is to have the review project alternate with the learn projects.

so by the time the camper gets to the first certification project, then they will have done a few review projects and learn how to think critically and solve problems on their own

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i like this idea of alternating the regular projects with the review ones. Sounds promising.
I’m still harping on the loops before conditionals issue though.

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Why don’t you go ahead and create an issue on github so the other team members can see it and comment on it :+1:

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Also, I have updated the title of your post to better reflect on our conversation today.

It’s all good feedback :+1:

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There are also some nice problems from the roesetta code challenges here that would work well for the later review projects

Can we modify the Rosetta Code content? I wasn’t sure what sort of license they are distributed under vs our in house developed content from the legacy curriculum.

That’s a good question.
And I am not sure :laughing: So I would have to check.

But there were some cool sorting algorithms in there that I would love to use in a review project.
It would be perfect after the number sorter project

Done, thanks for the engagement so far on this topic.

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Hi Jeremy, Rosetta Code uses a permissive FDL 1.3 license. And yes, we can modify them as we see fit.

With the Project Euler challenges, we added our own tests to them to make them a bit more accessible than the originally were, and we can do the same here.

This said, we should come up with original projects for the core curriculum so that we don’t have to incorporate the FDL license into parts of the curriculum.

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