Question about calculator chanllenge

hello every one for the second test " My calculator should contain 10 clickable elements containing one number each from 0-9, with the following corresponding IDs: id=“zero”…" i add ids for each botton but don’t works . this is my code <NumberButton buttonValue={7} id="seven"/> what i should do

I think you should post a link ( codepen ) with what you have done so far in this project.
We could better understand what your problem is.

@icxc thank you for help i’m working with vscode and i have a problem to upload my code en githhub i’ll try to fixe it and i will post the link of the code soon

How does JavaScript knows which function to run when User clicked on that element? Revisit your notes.

It is advisable to use " codepen " with the possibility to test the project code.
Or you can use the CDN link:
to run the tests in any environment you like.

@icxc , @shugyoza thank you for your help i’m fixe it and i passe the challenge :slight_smile:

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