Question about export default

export default used to create a fallback value for a file or module.
what fallback means?

Fallback means the backup solution when all attempts fail. It hopefully prevents your program from breaking up by errors.

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solution from a function !!! i still don’t get it

what do you mean by all attempts fail what attempts?all i know its a function inside a file that i can import

fallback means what happens when the current function fails e.g.

function example(){
let name = 'elmahdi'
  return `name is ${name}`
  return `name is not defined`


in the above example, you name is set but if you leave it empty e.g let name = '' the function will fallback to else statement.

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I assume you are referring to the wording from this challenge?

I’m still not sure why there is no explanation, nor why there is such a focus in the language used on it being a “fallback”. When I look at different sources like MDN and books I don’t really see this mentioned. MDN mentions it one time and even they do not explain what is meant by it.


exploringjs: 24.7.2 The default export as a named export (advanced)

Internally, a default export is simply a named export whose name is default.

I might make guesses as to what is meant by fallback, but that is not really the point of documentation.

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yea thats exactly what i mean.