Question about jobs application

Hello everyone

I have a question regarding qualifications for getting a job as a web developer.

I’m really getting into coding and finished a course on udemy.
I’m not nearly anything from ready to find an actual job but I just want to gather some information.
I have seen that a lot of people find a job thanks to FFC, but I noticed that a lot of people already have a Bachelors degree ( even in unrelated fields) and I was wondering if this is a requirement or if it doesn’t really play a roll as long as your portfolio is good?

I currently am doing a distance course for my bachelor in tourism management, but because of life and job, I don’t always find the time to either study or be in the country to actually go do my exams. So I don’t see myself getting the degree anytime soon.

Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

I’ve had similar questions myself. I think the answer I’ve found so far is, it just depends.

I’ve heard stories of people who literally just knew HTML and CSS (no JavaScript) who were self taught, no degree, and got a job after 6 months of learning.

I’ve also heard stories of people WITH a CS degree who are struggling to find work.

I’ve heard that the unrelated degree is a good thing, though - because it shows some commitment (and I’ve known at least one person who majored in religious studies and went on to develop).

I’ve also heard it’s mostly irrelevant next to the portfolio.

My gut tells me that having the degree wouldn’t hurt you. But I’ve heard many stories, and the only thing I can takeaway from all of them is to keep working forward. Good luck.

Having a degree opens more doors than not having a degree. Having a STEM degree opens more doors than having an unrelated degree. You can be successful without a formal degree, but the degree does help.

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