Question about pandas.DataFrame.describe

I am trying to get back into Python so I can do basic exploratory data analysis before building dashboards in JS/D3. But I guess I’ve forgotten more than I realized.

I am following along with this blog to start getting my feet wet:

The results I get from df.describe() is different from the authors and I can’t figure out why.

The author gets STD, percentiles, mean, min, max. As you can see, I get other results.
(Apologies for the very long file; just scroll directly to end and scroll up. I didn’t realize that github would show all results unlike Jupyter which truncates it by default):

I checked the API reference page:

But that did not shed any light.

I’m using Python3.7…could it be a version problem? I did look up changes to Python but without knowing the author’s version, this is just a shot in the dark. And even if I knew it, these change logs are not the easiest to read.

Help! And thanks!

Never mind. It’s because the data was not defined as Number or Integer.