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I am finishing the 1st certification « Responsive web design ».
My HTML and CSS is 100% homemade but I’ve looked in the source code to get the images and the icons of font-awesome used in the different projects.

I tried to make an exact replica of each project so the text is identical but, as said above, my html tags and my css are 100% done by myself. Is this prohibited?

Am I violating the academic honesty Policy ?

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No it is not prohibited, but it is somewhat discouraged.

The projects provide you an example of requirements that you can make on any topic, so you get some element of “pick your own adventure” to mess around how you want, which is one of the best parts of development.

However, if you do replicate the project it’s still ok.

However, if you replicated the example project by copy-pasting the exact code example code, then yea that isn’t good.

Am I violating the academic honesty Policy ?

Ultimately the entire policy is based on the honor system. So you could technically gather the cert even if you 100% copy-pasted all your projects from other people.

However, the main point of freeCodeCamp is to gain the experience through doing the projects. So by copying/following an example for the design means you miss out on the designing your own website part, but that might not matter much to you. If you’re focused more on the code itself part, then you still get the experience without worrying about what the final product needs to look like.

I personally followed the example pages pretty closely as I’m also not big on design.

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Thanks a lot for your answer !

I’m a student and am strongly interested in “Javascript algorithm” and “API development”

I’ve never really done advanced design on my own projects because I’m mainly interested in the backend, generally I train by reproducing figma models in order to know how to handle my css and my javascript algorithms.

Again a big thank you!

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