Freecodecamp honesty policy

Hello guys, i cloned the projects from freecodecamp to earn my responsive web development certificate. Am i violating any rules for cloning freecodecamp’s example. I dont want my account to be banned or anything :worried:

Here is the link to my certificate:

If you literally copied and pasted code from the samples, then yes you violated the policy.

But more importantly, you robbed yourself of a valuable learning opportunity.

It is normal to struggle with the projects and have the final results be rough around the edges.
But, it doesn’t have to be perfect.
It is just has to be your own code and your own project.

I would advise to go back and redo the projects if you copied the samples.
You will find that you will learn a lot more by building your own projects and researching errors then copying samples.

Hope that helps! :grinning:


hi Jwilkins.oboe, i only cloned it since it said, make it similar to theirs. But i dont want to be banned and it didnt mention whether you could clone their design or not. I only used their design and put in comment that its not my design but im still afraid of my account getting banned or deleted.

I agree with jwilkins.oboe above. Yes, cloning the project does violate the academic honesty policy and, more importantly, you will be frustrated in your future journey as you won’t feel that you have the skills to produce what you should be able to produce. Imagine you got a job now with the same type of requirements for which there is, of course, no example that someone else already did? Now only will you not know what to do, you will feel unqualified and won’t know how to go about even learning how to do what is required.

I strongly suggest you redo it all from scratch. Don’t look at the example’s code. Just don’t. It’s a cop-out. You should be doing much googling and asking in this forum for help before doing that!

I wish you all success in your journey!

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I also agree to you, but i used freecodecamps design because i dont know how to design my own type like how it should look

Your account won’t be banned or deleted.
The worst that will happen is that your certificate will be yanked if FCC finds that your work violates the academic honesty.

Most developers are not designers.
It is totally fine if you are not a designer.
That is not the goal.

If you want to share one of your projects in a reply here, we could probably tell you if you violated the policy or not.

Oh that would be cool, here is the link to the portfolio i cloned from their design:

Its late at night, so i might reply tommarow in the morning. Good night!

I would make some design changes so it is not as similar to the FCC sample.

Just to be clear, there is nothing wrong with being inspired by a design.
The key is to look at certain aspects of the page and make it your own.

For example, the sample page can be broken down into these areas.

  • Fixed navbar
  • Hero section
  • project tiles
  • Links to your other profiles

You can break down each of those sections and play around with your own idea.

For the navbar, instead of creating the exact same layout as the sample, change it up a little bit.

Same thing for the hero section.
Maybe you could add a background image with your name on top instead of a color like the sample.

Here is my FCC portfolio project that I made almost a year ago.

I added a little about section and played around with the color scheme.

Hope that helps!

so you mean, i have to redo all my work :(. But i dont wanna do it all over again.

Well, you came to the forum because you felt guilty that your projects looked to similar to the samples and you were scared that they were going to close your account.

IMO, if you just make a few small changes so it is not so similar in design to the FCC samples then you would be good. :grinning:

Like I said earlier, there is nothing wrong with being inspired by other designs.
Most developers are not designers.

But the key is to look at their work, be inspired by it, but make it your own so it doesn’t looks like a copy.

Hope that helps!

Ok, il change some things like change the background color to a image or add a color effect on hover and stuff. And i hope freeCodeCamp doesnt delete or ban me.

The problem is, it doesn’t really look to me like you just cloned the design. It looks like you cloned the code and then worked backward by changing things.

That is not how you code a site, so while it might have taught you something in the process it didn’t teach you the actual process you have to go through when creating a site/page from scratch.

Taking a design from a mockup or image and then turning it into code is a great exercise (and a real-world thing). But that is not what the challenge is asking for. It gives you some requirements and an example it has to be functionally similar to.

It is fine to look at portfolio pages and get inspiration for the design. It is not fine to copy code, make some changes, and call it your own.

Side note. You should remove overflow-y from main.


I will change the design a bit and add different things to it, but i will not delete the hardwork i put in to make the clone. This looks 100% like freecodecamps example and you may think i copied and pasted the code from theirs but i didnt and coded it all myself.

My portfolio is already different than freecodecamps, i add a hover effect on my h1 and i add a hover effect on my cards with the code symbols in the before and end. now i only got to edit my other 4 projects and im good to go right?

you do what you do, people were clear on what you loose and what you gain working this way

Honestly, I would redo your projects without looking at anybody else’s HTML, CSS, or Javascript. The only thing you should copy-paste is the test suite code. Just adding a couple of differences is not adequate.

Ok thx guys, il try learning to design and then do those projects all over again. While in the meantime i will learn the javascript course of freecodecamp along the way.

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