Question about the Data Visualization series of challenges

Hello there fellow campers.
I was thinking of tackling the series of challenges for the data visualization part of the freecodecamp map, and i thought that it would be good to expand on it, So i thought that it would be nice to use gatsby.js for the heavy lifting and host every single one of the projects on github pages. Can i go that way? is it ok for it? i mean the code is going to be put on a repo and available so it’s not in direct contradiction of the rules or is it?

Feedback would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance

As far as hosting your page, you can do whatever you want. However, gatsbyjs is not React, so it does not qualify for the React portion of the data-viz projects, if that’s what you’re asking.

thanks for the reply…a better way to qualify gatsby would be it’s not just react…it’s react rendered server side. And i almost cleared all of the challenges development wise, gonna push them to github pages.
Once again thanks for the reply
Happy coding