Where to host Markdown Previewer?

I am diving into the Data Viz projects after completing the Front and Back End Certs. I like to develop locally, and am using “create-react-app” to start the Markdown Previewer project.

Using create-react-app means I can’t push the repository directly to Github and host it on GithubPages, right? Because the project has a server? I feel like pushing the project to Heroku would be a bit of an overkill.

Where is everyone hosting the Data Viz projects? Just in CodePen?

CodePen is not my favorite to work with, but if I have to develop locally and then somehow copy my project to CodePen I guess I can do that.

You can use GitHub Pages with create-react-app. React apps can still be 100% “static”, as long as they don’t use server-side rendering (and you don’t need to use that for the markdown previewer).

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