Question about user tutorial

How can I complete the FCC user tutorial?
Can you send me please some links to them?

What user tutorial?

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Yeah, there’s a link in the upper left to go to the curriculum. Have you tried that?

There is a badge…
“CERTIFIED - completed our new user tutorial”,
“LICENSED - completed our advanced user tutorial”

Start a new private message with the forum @discobot

Following the prompt and you can do the tutorial and advanced tutorial there in the private message.

Once you finish those you can get your badges.

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@jwilkins.oboe how do I start a private message?

Go to your forum profile and click on messages.
Scroll down and click on new messages
Then for add user, choose @discobot

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Thank you!
Sorry if I’m annoying

No worries, you’re all good. :grinning:

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