Question: Can you get a job with freecodecamp

I am a new student i am enjoying the course and am learning i just want to know this is not for nothing

I don’t really know i am just starting out but just in general like web development or game development

For web development, FCC will get you between 50% and 70% ready for a job, depending on how much effort you put into your work and projects. The remaining 50% to 30% to become job ready will depend on your ability to due further research on the latest advances/updates in the libraries you will be introduced here at FCC.

Also, beyond the technical skills you will eventually obtain, getting a job will also depend on your ability to communicate, ability to present yourself in an interview, the projects you create for your portfolio, the geographic location you want to work in, and the availability of jobs in that area. FCC can only help you with the technical skill set. The rest is up to your pure determination to locate a job of interest and perform well enough in an interview to get the job.


Thank you for your help

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