Question on first project

Why does the first project ask if you want to write it in HTML or CSS? Are they different languages? The lessons seem to treat CSS as part of HTML. Are they trying to confuse me, because they’ve succeeded, that or I’m not smart enough to know the difference.

I’ve been through the lessons at least twice, and I still don’t know where to start. How is it possible to do that and learn absolutely nothing? Is there a point where I actually know how to do anything without having to look it up?

Why does the example basically give you the answer? I might as well just copy and paste and “pass.” It feels like I should maybe just give up coding, since I have no idea what to do and have apparently learned absolutely nothing.

Is there a way to view the page as I edit it? Or do I just have to hope that everything works when I hit “Run Tests”?

HTML defines the parts of a document ie header, footer, paragraph, list, etc. CSS defines the appearance ie size, font, color, etc. They have separate and distinct roles but are used together.

Why does it ask if you want to write the code in either html or css? How is that not confusing? Or is it not confusing for people who can actually learn?

It says,“You can use HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to complete this project”. Commas in a series mean “and”. The only “or” I see is, “You can use Bootstrap or SASS if you choose.”

So, I decided to try entering <h1>Hello</h1> and nothing happened. Am I totally stupid? I went back to one of the first lessons and it had me type something similar, and words showed up on the page. Is there a reason I can’t see any words now?

Are you working in codepen or are you building this project locally?

codepen. I have no idea how I would do it locally, whatever that means. I wouldn’t say I’m building anything. I’ve written one line, and nothing happened

Ok cool.

Don’t worry about that right now. :grinning:

For now, can we see your codepen link?
It would help to see what is going on

Maybe I’m just unable to do this. I’ve been through the lessons twice, and can’t do anything on my own. I always need my hand held

A few things.

It looks like you messed with some of html and css settings.

For here change this html preprocessor to none.

You can get to the settings by clicking on the gear icon.
Screen Shot 2021-10-24 at 4.01.27 PM

Then change the css settings to none for the preprocessor.

Then try out this code in your html.

  <h1>My first app</h1>

You should see this in the output.

I only saw an opening main tag with no text (content) to show.

I change the preprocessor to none, and the words “Hello World” showed up. What does preprocessor mean? Also, could I just copy and paste all the code from the example? How would someone know if you cheated?


There are different types of HTML and CSS preprocessors like Pug, Slim, Sass.

But that is more advanced HTML and CSS.

I wouldn’t worry about that for now.

Let’s just focus on regular HTML and CSS. :grinning:

You will get an introduction into some of the preprocessors in the front end library certification.

Well, I wouldn’t advise this.

Before you can claim the certification, you have to sign an honesty pledge that says your work is original and wasn’t copied from somewhere.

If you are found out copying the material, then your certification can be revoked.

But also, at the end of the day you would just be cheating yourself.
The certifications are just for personal goals and satisfactions.

Employers aren’t going to look at them.

They are going to look at your actual work.

But I would suggest doing some smaller practice projects with html and css before starting to tackle the certification projects.

That will give your more practice and confidence to tackle the projects.

You can try this freecodecamp youtube course.

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How is this a tip? A tip for what?

The paragraph goes in the other window.

so, am I supposed to use both windows?

Yes, you will need to have code in both windows in order to pass all of the tests.

You just want to make sure that only css goes inside the css section and html goes in the html section.

Also, codepen has a analyze tool that will check for errors.

You can use that tool to make sure that the css and html are correct.

Is it normal to have no idea what you’re doing? I couldn’t get the image to show up. I decided to change the topic to William Marshal, to avoid any temptation to simply copy info. Also, he’s an interesting person.

oh shit I’m making progress! I switched to William Marshal to avoid copying, and I’m at 7/10. Is it cheating to go back to the lessons? I keep having to do that.