Html and CSS and when to code CSS separately

I got the idea that everything I learned in the CSS tutorials should go on the CSS page in Codepen and proceeded from there. I did a lot of head banging until the kind people on the forum separated me from that misconception. I hesitate to post this fearing I will be laughed out of fCC. I hope not. Here goes…

if you are on codepen, then yes, the html goes in the html box (what would you put in body tags, and css goes in the css box (what you would put in style tags)

codepen does a lot in the background, so there is less setting up you need to worry about and you can focus just on html and css

is something is going wrong maybe you would like to share your pen so you could get help in fixing it?

Thank you, no. I have been reviewing and have gotten through basic html and CSS and plan to review all the rest up to JS and then start my projects. I am in no big hurry and am enjoying the solid progress I am making. For instance, in my reviewing I have not had to watch a video and have been reading much more carefully. It is fun to have these tiny epiphanies.

I am living in a part of the country that has a fierce winter and this is my favorite distraction. It distracts me from all the lesser distractions.

Thank you again.

I just reread your letter and was catapulted back into confusion. In my reviewing I have been so surprised about how much CSS goes into html and thought I was getting it all sort of parsed. Clearly not. I’m sure many questions will answer themselves when I actually get some experience. I do enjoy it and look forward to creating with html and CSS. Thank you for generosity and hopefully soon I’ll be able to at least have more intelligent and organized bewilderments.

if you have issues, post a link to the pen you are working on and ask for help
so, instead of asking abstract questions, you will have something concrete to answer a question on