Not separating HTML and CSS

Hi, I’m wondering why in these exercises we are not taught to keep html and css separate?

Doesn’t it save confusion by keeping the files separate and writing the code on two separate files?

Yes, but how would that work in the tutorial exercises?

You learn the lesson and it’s all in one “file”.

When you get to codepen, you separate them into panes, a standin for “files”.

Eventually you migrate to building things locally and understanding the typical file structure.

We could argue about what is the best way, but one advantage is that it makes it a lot easier for new people to learn these new topics - they don’t have to learn how to set up an editor, get the folders set up, link up all the files, and run it in a browser.

An important concept in education is to control the rate of exposure to new material so you don’t overwhelm the student.

No worries thank you for clearly that up. I only ask because Codeacademy and Bitdegree run their courses showing separate files straight off the bat. I was just wondering which is best?

I think you could build arguments for either. I think that FCC gets a lot of “I’m not really sure if I can do this coding thing…” type people just trying it out and they don’t want to freak anyone out too early. Many of these people won’t tolerate spending an hour setting up their environment - they want to code now or they’re going back to watching cat videos. There is plenty of time to teach them that other stuff later.

Yea i get that, I’m only 3 days in myself. For me, i would like to learn the way developer’s code IRL. Just a bit confusing when there is different ways of going about coding i guess.