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I am just starting to learn HTML and CSS and have been experimenting on Codepen. I cannot get HTML and CSS to work together. Is there an answer to that or do I just need to learn a whole lot more?

You don’t need to link HTML and CSS file in codepen. Just type the HTML code and CSS code in their corresponding windows and they will automatically be linked.

That’s what I thought I was doing. Thank you for responding. I’ll keep trying.

Just post a link to your codepen so that we can take a look at it

How do you do THAT? It all seemed so easy when I was following the curriculum.

This is always there. Mo matter what.

I got a badge and either it was mean irony or error. I have encountered no meanness here. But I wrote earlier to say the URL on my Codepen never changes no matter what I do. It is always Thank you for your on-going patience.

<Thank you!> That of course helped. What about pen settings? Like processors. Greek to me. Both HTML and CSS are set on “none”. The processors are names I am unfamiliar with. I didn’t even read the user’s manual for this PC and it’s long gone. I will cheerfully read ‘Moby Dick’ but find any kind of directions challenging. I thought the hard part of programming was going to be following directions and dotting “i’s”. I don’t at this point even know what’s the difficulties are. I am going to learn this and am not in a big hurry but would like to see some sort of progress sometimes.</Thank you>

I think with settings up things like this you can follow the rule of thumb that if you don’t know what is it you can think you don’t need it as for now (and if things don’t work you can ask for help and find out that maybe one of those things was actually needed)

in code pen you can just start writing html in the html box and css in the css box and the two will be linked together
(in css box write what you would write inside style tag, in html box what you you put in body tag, the things you would put in the head tag like the page title and other metadata, you can put it in the settings of the pen, the rest of the “magic” is done in the background)

(keep learning and one day you will also discover what html and css processors are)

Thank you ! It seems like I have been doing that, but clearly not.
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to create your own pen you can

  • use the fork button on an existing pen and save the pen in your account so that now you can edit it as you wish


  • use the button to create a new empty pen

after you have a pen of your own and need help on it, you can share your link to the forum to get help

It’s nice to have all this simplicity out-of-the-box, but sometimes you need more. For example, you want to play with some new Web API you’ve just learned, but you don’t want to set up a whole new project mcdvoice login

that’s why there are online editors in which you need to do little.
CodePen for example, you can write javascript directly in the javascript box, and you don’t need to set up a whole html page for that
I also like, where you can play with many other languages. Or also have multi-file projects - there you can hav things as smple or as complex as you need